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Christian Lowery

Dallas, TX
“Looking for a Technical Cofounder/CTO to Oversee App Development for Gig Economy Startup”
Christian Lowery can offer the following roles...
Looking for...
Mobile App Developer
Digital Marketing
Design Software
Social Media
About Christian Lowery

For years, I have been a full-time freelancer working remotely. I've studied the pain points of the gig economy and am extremely passionate about optimizing life for freelancers while making remote work more fun, rewarding, and beneficial to the local coffee shops and other remote working locations that support the gig economy. 

I am looking for a cofounder who shares this vision and is willing to build a company that will optimize, and monetize, the ecosystem that exists between freelancers and local coffee shops/coworking locations.

I've already incorporated and put together a pitch deck, and a brand designer is currently working on the logo/creative direction. What I need is a cofounder who can share the work as we approach investors and begin app development. Preferably, the cofounder will also serve as CTO. We can discuss an equity structure or other compensation that makes sense for all parties.

We asked Christian Lowery the following questions...
What skills do you have that will help you achieve success?
“An insatiable desire to learn, lead and let others be the smartest person in the room.”
Do you have any previous experience as a founder/co-founder?
“Yes, although these other ventures were smaller blogs and digital marketing projects.”
What stage is your project at? (Idea, MVP, funding raised, paying customers)
“Incorporated with 80% of pitch deck completed. Need a cofounder to complete MVP and begin funding stage.”
If you have paying customers, how much monthly/annual revenue?
“The goal for EOY2 after launch is $574,676/month or $6,896,000 for the year. Subscriptions are at a monthly rate or annual rate (for a small discount across 12 total months). Other revenue will come from advertising fees, selling data and a future VC arm.”
What skills or experience are you looking for in your co-founder?
“Technical background, preferably someone who is underrepresented in the tech community. Cofounder will also serve as CTO and oversee app development as well as explore developing our own geofencing software.”
Describe what resources you are willing to contribute?
“I have already incorporated and am working with a startup attorney. I have hired a logo/brand guide designer and have also nearly finalized the pitch deck. I will take on the majority of the work and "sales" side of the business (signing on new partners and investors).”
Are there currently any other co-founders working with you?
“No, there are only freelancers working on certain aspects like legalities, creative direction and pitch deck from a revenue estimate standpoint.”
What availability do you have? How many hours per week can you commit to?
“As much as possible, considering my current work is freelance and can be scaled back as needed.”
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