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Luca Steeb

Stuttgart, Germany
“Searching marketeter for a social network app similar to”
Luca Steeb can offer the following roles...
Web Developer
Web Designer
Looking for...
About Luca Steeb

I built a site similar to It's fully working but could be extended a lot with more features. It's a web app at the moment, but could be also easily ported to a Android/iOS app. I am looking for someone who has the skills to market this app so it gets users.

The good thing about it is that there's no chicken-and-egg-problem, as people usually only see the link from someone's instagram and ask them a question.

I would be happy to split revenue 50-50, I do *all* the tech stuff and you do *all* the marketing.

Please contact me if you're interested and I'll send the site and more details.

We asked Luca Steeb the following questions...
What skills do you have that will help you achieve success?
“I am really advanced in the technical section, but I lack marketing expertise.”
Do you have any previous experience as a founder/co-founder?
“I have funded some successful sites which generated 5 digits revenue.”
What stage is your project at? (Idea, MVP, funding raised, paying customers)
“MVP. No funding needed, hosting costs are like $10/month.”
If you have paying customers, how much monthly/annual revenue?
“Site is free”
What skills or experience are you looking for in your co-founder?
“Heavy marketing skills, whatever works driving people to use the site.”
Describe what resources you are willing to contribute?
“Depends. I can contribute 3 digits money but not more.”
What availability do you have? How many hours per week can you commit to?
“As much as I want, I'm freelancing right now.”
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