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Sean Sullivan

Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Looking for all-around/innovative mobile app developer, Shop SmartReplace gift cards, coupons, etc”
Sean Sullivan can offer the following roles...
Web Designer
Looking for...
Web Developer
Mobile App Developer
Growth Hacking
Email Marketing
Website Design
Marketing Automation
Organic Growth
Graphic Design
About Sean Sullivan

I am looing for an all around mobile app developer who is comfortable in build an application from the ground up, ensure that it is secure, and comfortable with setting up secruity protocol as the app deals with gift card payment processing and more. Also looking for someone who has an innovative train of thought and is willing to take things to the next level. In saying this, I am looking for someone who sees the vision, has the drive, confidence, and wants to be a true co-founder. This person will be valued and asked to share his/her idea and opinions as two brains is always better than one. 

I am looking for a co-founder because I have reached a point where, it is simply time to start building. My networking and gathering feedback has and will not stop, but it's time to start building.

I offer the growth/marketing side of the business of the business both online and off. I have a diversifed background in marketing and have made a great deal of connections solely around this concept. Many of these connections are seasoned investors (local/nationally), experinced startup founders around the county, and so on.  

To this point, I have a rough business plan and a strong plan for what the app will do and offer. I am in the process of wireframing and building a basic visual model for displaying when discussing. 

We asked Sean Sullivan the following questions...
What skills do you have that will help you achieve success?
“I have a diversified and strong background in marketing. I have made some solid connections while specifically networking for this concept and firmly believe that they will help when the time comes. Internet growth is one of my strong areas and will leverage that to increase user base. I also have worked or personally know growth marketers that will be able to provide assistance.”
Do you have any previous experience as a founder/co-founder?
“Started a small lead gen website in college for loans. Also tried to start several mobile apps / web platforms but ran into technology blockers that prevented us from continuing.”
What stage is your project at? (Idea, MVP, funding raised, paying customers)
“The concept is currently at the "Idea" stage. However, in being in the idea stage, I know exactly what the application needs to do and can explain every feature and benefit.”
What skills or experience are you looking for in your co-founder?
“Drive, innovative and overall a good/nice person All around mobile app developer (iOS a must) Comfortable in building the application from the ground up and can style and design professional looking pages and functionality. Would be nice - comfortable in dealing with payment processing and this deals with gift card payment and will expand over time - ensuring the application is secure”
Describe what resources you are willing to contribute?
“Important to understand that this will be a partnership and we will both be co-founders and treated like such. I am happy to provide the domain, hosting and so on but this will be bootstrapped until further notice. I will be doing the marketing and continuing to help grow feedback in and outside the app, along with expansion.”
Are there currently any other co-founders working with you?
“Not at this time. Recently have been in discussion with a few people but nothing has been agreed to or finalized. Still actively looking for the right person.”
What availability do you have? How many hours per week can you commit to?
“I have a full time job that requires the 40 week. I can work on this outside those hours and fully intend to work on this until it is self-sustaining. Once it's self-sustaining I will move to it full time and full focus.”
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