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Szymon Stasik

Guadalajara, Mexico, remote
“founder of - Sharing Economy marketplace mobile app builder as a service”
Szymon Stasik can offer the following roles...
Web Developer
Mobile App Developer
Looking for...
Web Developer
Mobile App Developer
About Szymon Stasik

NOTE: This offer is not for you ... unless you're sure it is ;)
Please read through this co-founder offer to the end before applying. Let know why this particular project is interesting to you and what is your story.

Build a SaaS platform to create, host and develop mobile marketplaces (aka sharing economy / next Uber/Airbnb for X).

Advanced side-project. First mobile app (first use case for the platform) just reached AppStore / Google Play (yay - I am really proud of it!). No funding, no revenue yet.

Looking for dev co-founder:
- passionate
- open minded
- independent
- reasonably experienced / Angular
- track of record

Not looking for:
- any outsourcing form. This is for serious long term commitment

About the project:
I’ve started this as a side project about a 2 years ago (quite a long time :) spending roughly 10+ hours a week.

I’ve started by creating from scratch first mobile app for real use case / first customer - to connect expats with local people to help with tasks while being abroad (longer stays).

The current solution is already modularized and generic enough so next apps reusing existing features can be delivered in 2-3 weeks.

There is a company already formed (mainly to shape the relationships with the first mobile app owners) and we are currently two founder - me as an idea provider and software developer and my partner dealing with operations or other non-tech stuff.

In the future the platform should provide not only mobile but also web app - most probably starting with a PWA but also back office will be needed.

In the future connect third party developers and provide even more modules, plugins, integrations (later stage).

We recently graduated the Start Up School - approached it proactively and we learned quite a lot.

We found 2 competitors so far - they seem to do pretty well which is great. Main difference is that they are targeting web platform and do not offer further customization/development beyond existing modules.

Current goals/challenges:
Find a 1-2 tech people to join as a co-founders/early employees.

Develop second mobile app (there are currently some 2-3 ideas to choose from).

Finding a balance between working with particular customer on next mobile app and moving toward early MVP of a platform.

Introduce / switch to a build-measure-learn mode.

With two mobile apps published and gaining traction we plan to start talking to investors and find a way to switch to full time.

Tech stack and project management:

I try to not be biased and have in mind the business goals in the first place.

Still having in mind the above I am pretty happy with where I got so far with reusable modern architecture,

CICD pipeline, with automated release builds in the cloud (PoC),

mobile apps integration testing with Appium,

many other including i18n, analytics, user metrics, feature flags, logs collection, etc,

upon request I’ll send a link with more details about the tech stack and infrastructure.

Currently key technologies are Ionic 4 / Angular / GraphQL / NodeJS / Parse Server.

I try to manage the project in a kanban way constantly adding things and maintaining the backlog. Fine grained user stories helped me a lot to get that far.

Are you the one?
Please reach out, I’d love to answer questions, know your story, why and how you would see your participation!

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